Thursday, December 14, 2017

November 2017 Transparency Report

Hi everyone! I've been super busy this month, as has the rest of the mod team. Nothing detailed to share today, just numbers.Starting 2018 we will likely rework the transparency report system. Doing this takes a lot of work every month, so I'm looking into alternate solution!NovemberDataDifferenceComment3 Month AverageYTDTotal Moderation Actions43380Down 5000Normalization back from October being busy43551469603Submission Removals10685~10515124764Comment Removals13448Down 80012966120811Posts Approved3122Down 500322042524Comments Approved4896Down 1000511753211Bans1523Down 200Includes Temp and Perma.149313918Unbans209~Does not include temp bans exipiring1701332Reports Ignored1072~127215757Stickies Madea lot~190911406Posts Locked10Up 4More locks than usual this month670 via /r/pics

Kristen Bell

This kid is about to ask Santa to bring his Dad from Afghanistan via /r/pics

Stumped via /r/pics

Wrong monument. via /r/pics

Alyson Michalka in Hellcats

One of the best pictures I ever took - Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal via /r/pics

Aerial view of the Blue Dragon River in Portugal via /r/pics