Friday, April 18, 2014

Moving to South Germany

Lindau Hafen

   Lindau 2014, a beautiful place on this world. A little place between 3 countries in western Europe. I know I don't have many visitors on my blog but I like to write as if i had.
   This really looks like a good place to live but in fact reality is different. Everything is so expensive and so crowded that instead on having a nice quiet vacation you won't be able to relax very much unless you have your own lovely boat.

   All in all landscape is stunning, people are pretty polite, Bodensee ( Constance ) lake is absolutely magnificent when it's not foggy and there are plenty of places to visit around, plenty of good restaurants and coffee shops, enough to have a good coffee and eat a good looking cake.
   The first time I came here in this area to visit I was amazed. Now that I live nearby it looks dull most of the times but one has to admit it has it's sparks.
   Owing a place here it's out of the question, the prices are up in the sky, renting is also difficult unless you are willing to pay good money. Finding permanent rent is also difficult without a stable job which is also difficult to find without knowing the German language at a good level.
  Life is more expensive in south Germany but also the salaries are better than in middle or north. Good thing about this country is that they are always looking for workers, in any domain. So if you don't have a strong diploma you can always start from scratch if you are willing to do it. There are a lot of factories around which are happy to  use a foreigner to do their job with less money than what they pay to a local person, or you can always try a fast-food if your German knowledge suck. But don't expect to get rich fast  because it won't happen.
  You can use for about any information you might need , like jobs , housing etc. if you don`t have someone that is already there.

 As a conclusion I love this place, there are a lot of things you can do with your free time , you can always find work so you don't have to worry about unemployment as long as you are willing to work and most important, live in a civilized country where everyone can be himself and contribute to society with what he or she has best.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

So fresh, so clean ....

        Alright, I really forgot about this... I am sorry, but now I am back. Meanwhile I moved in another country but in the same continent even thou I dreamed that I would move in a far distant place. It just wasn't to be.

     Life shows a bit of improvement but there is still a long way to go and I wonder if one can ever achieve happiness. Important is to be good to yourself and be good to others. There is always something useful to learn every day, so please: Enjoy it!