Saturday, December 31, 2016

Victoria Justice

Aly Michalka

These Millennial Moms are having to change the game. via /r/pics

Daisy Ridley and friend

Went for a walk in North Wales, stepped back in time. via /r/pics

See you later 2016! Happy 2017 from Sydney!!! via /r/pics

Clara Lee

2016 Pop Culture Review

List of 17 Movies You Have To Watch in 2017

Dwayne The Rock Johnson surprises his dad with new car for Christmas

Not sure where to post. My cousins job just asked her to sign this and fired an employee who refused. via /r/pics

Google employee Travis leaves works for Bing... his coworkers present him with this... via /r/pics

Emily Ratajkowski's ass

Selena Gomez

Charlotte McKinney's jiggle (GIF)

It's just turned 2017 in New Zealand - we don't really have big fireworks displays, but we made the most of it... via /r/pics

Happy New Year from the land down under. via /r/pics

Maria Menounos

Keira Knightley soaking wet in Atonement

Taylor Swift

Margot Robbie

Emma Watson

Happy New Year from New Zealand! via /r/pics

German singer Lena Meyer-Landrut

US Soccer player Alex Morgan teasing

I attached a blinking light to the robot and did a 10 minutes exposure of it cleaning the living room via /r/pics

I see your Korean Danny DeVito, and raise you a Brazilian Danny DeVito. via /r/pics

Sophie Turner

Danish Womens Handball team celebrating their win in the shower

A frozen Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World this morning via /r/pics

Thrift Shop Score via /r/pics

Melissa Benoist

Isla Fisher

Uncle: I am sending you some walnuts, Me: Not necessary, but if you insist. via /r/pics

Cheetoes via /r/pics

Here's another image of the mass migration of stingrays. via /r/pics

Korean Danny DeVito via /r/pics

Taylor Swift

Liz Gillies

What I imagine people who use the words "puppers" and "doggo" look like. via /r/pics

Christina Robinson (Astor from Dexter)

Elliott leaving Great Ormond Street Hospital after his heart transplant. via /r/pics

Melissa Benoist