Friday, September 30, 2016

Lethal dose of Heroin, Fentanyl, and Marijuana side by side via /r/pics

Sleeping Goddess at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, England via /r/pics

Get a hammock they said via /r/pics

A 6ft wide house in Tokyo via /r/pics

Best ever Bath Time via /r/pics

Lethal doses of heroin and fentanyl side by side via /r/pics

Firewood via /r/pics

You have my vote via /r/pics

Found something wild buried in the floorboards of our 1908 Seattle home. [xpost /r/seattle] via /r/pics

Happy Family via /r/pics

My grandfather, my father, myself and my son. via /r/pics

I got work to do via /r/pics

Sky that looks like a rough sea via /r/pics

Jaguar in the ocean via /r/pics

Jurrasic Island via /r/pics

What a few years of love will do. My dog on his adoption day and five years later. via /r/pics

Thursday, September 29, 2016

An 8 ton orca jumping out if water. via /r/pics

This Ancient Commodore 64 Is Still Being Used to Run an Auto Shop in Poland via /r/pics

Las Vegas via /r/pics

A rising Phoenix in Iceland. via /r/pics

The gold cocoons of the Mechanitis Polymnia butterfly via /r/pics

My twin just recently passed away. Here he is checking for my heart beat. via /r/pics

Baby elephant drinking. When they are this young, they don't yet know how to use their trunks to drink water. via /r/pics

Long Exposure Of “Merry Go Round” via /r/pics

Damn good photo w/a cheap cell phone. via /r/pics

While I have to deal with annoying pigeons on my balcony, this is what my Australian friend gets via /r/pics

Went to Alaska hoping to see a bear, was not disappointed. Probably my favorite picture I've ever taken. via /r/pics

LEGO Ferris Bueller "You Killed The Car" Scene via /r/pics

aurora activity in east iceland via /r/pics

A gecko's eye via /r/pics

The skies over Keflavik, Iceland. via /r/pics

Hotel in Singapore. via /r/pics

Icelands sky is blowin up right now! via /r/pics

Nothing beats dinner with a view. via /r/pics

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A toilet after a flood. via /r/pics

House in eastern Iceland via /r/pics

A pub in Ireland had a problem with graffiti on the toilet doors, this was their solution. via /r/pics

Hmmmm....Well that's something you don't see everyday. A Japanese White Pine Bonsai in Space at 91,800 ft. via /r/pics

Take on me... via /r/pics

I don't give a shit how good the view is...just NOPE! via /r/pics

Emotional kid getting a dog for his birthday from his grandfather (1955) via /r/pics

This was at a hospital in St. Catherines, Ontario. Let's make miracles, reddit! via /r/pics

Grand Central Terminal in the 1920s, before tall buildings blocked out the light. via /r/pics

I saw this guy hitchhiking on the side of the road. Should I take him ? via /r/pics

My wife, son and his birth mother on the day we adopted him and again 10 years later when he finally got to meet her. He held a lemonade stand and made enough money to pay for her entire trip. via /r/pics

After beating cancer and having back surgery, my mom is finally able to go on roller coasters again pain-free. She was even able to talk my dad into going with her (a small miracle in and of itself). This may be my favorite moment of our family reunion at WDW last week. Just wanted to share the joy! via /r/pics

Dying forest ranger wanted to see the outdoors one last time, so the firefighters wheeled him through the forest. via /r/pics

a white lipped python! via /r/pics

It took courage... via /r/pics

This fish got chunked off and survived via /r/pics