Thursday, October 19, 2017

This lady met her childhood friend who had gone mad because of drugs. Took him to rehab. He is now recovering. via /r/pics

Daisy Ridley

Kate Winslet sex scene

Shakira grinding on a pole

Steve Irwin's family today via /r/pics

Jennifer Lawrence

Heather Graham


In Saigon yesterday. Lost my glasses. Woman at hotel took me to eyeglass store. Got exam, frames, lightweight anti-glare lenses. Lenses took 20 mins to make. Walked out with a new pair of glasses. Total costs: 500,000 VND or $22 USD via /r/pics

James Woods goes on a Twitter rant targeting Frederica Wilson (“the clown in the red cowboy hat”), the Democratic Party and the media

Heidi Klum’s nipple is hypnotic

Taylor Momsen

My girlfriend said if I could find uglier footwear, she would stop poking fun at my crocs. via /r/pics

That Fat Albert cosplay though via /r/pics

/r/pics September 2017 transparency report

Greetings all, sorry this is a bit late. For the stats, I didn't get an admin response for total number of submissions in September, so I'll just leave that out until they reply.Looking at bansCurrently, we are looking at putting our ban policies into more clear writing and making it more publicly available. Our current ban policies are a little muted and all over the place, so writing this down will be good for us and good for the community. I'm heading this, but am quite busy with personal stuff right now, so no timetable for this.Handling personal info in a crisisMost are probably aware of the tragic and terrible shooting in Vegas earlier this month. /r/pics is glad to be a home to raise awareness for victims and be a place for stories of love, loss, and heroism. Everyone on the /r/pics mods team is moved by these events, and our hearts go out to anyone suffering from this event.All these things said, during the event and shortly afterward, we got many posts from armchair detectives or police radio listeners trying to spread unverified information about suspects or police activity. Spreading information without verification can cause much much more harm than good.With that in mind, we are implementing this policy: we will not allow pictures of crime or terrorism suspects unless at least three major news outlets have published the same picture, and identified the same person, along with citations from the relevant police agencies that confirm it.In addition, we ask that users not post information about police activity during major crisis events as this may jeopardize the lives and safety of LEOs as well as give away information that shouldn't be given away.More info on this can be found here: up rule oneWe are also in some discussion about cleaning up rule one, though I don't have any more information to give at this timeHalloween!Our creative and awesome mods /u/tragopanic and /u/lessons_learnt will be doing some fun stuff for the spookiest month of the year! Please keep an eye out for some stickies for a chance to win some cool stuff!StatsSeptemberDataDifferenceComment3 Month AverageYTDTotal Submissions to SubredditNo DataNo dataWaiting for admin to get back to me on this--274,368Total Moderation Actions40009Down 13000The honeymoon phase is over. Our new mods are worn in and one of our most active is out doing important life stuff. Pshh42742378959Submission Removals10574Down 2000^11371103792Comment Removals11157Down 2000^1129193070Posts Approved2987Down 1000Less posts that need approving, AKA less false positives from the spam filter343235850Comments Approved4698Down 1500Less comments that need approving. Usually this means less comments in general and less false positives.#REF!42559Bans1240Down 200Includes Temp and Perma. No real increase in bans. Despite new mods having access to this tool, they are using it with care!137610680Unbans90Down 20Does not include temp bans exipiring78913Reports Ignored1283Down 1500Please keep reporting stuff! Often times a decrease in this number generally means that there were less crappy things posted that people felt like reporting each other over.165013225Stickies Made318Mostly all Automod14757906Posts Locked2Down 6Very few posts were locked this month554 via /r/pics

Britt Robertson

The open-heart surgery to fix her Atrial Septal Defect was 5 years ago today. via /r/pics

Krysten Ritter

A sign outside an airport in Helsinki, Finland via /r/pics

These Alpacas could rock an album cover via /r/pics

Barbara Palvin

Jodie Sweetin - Have mercy!

Gillian Jacobs

The most challenging restoration I've done so far. This one was a doozy. via /r/pics

Hayley Atwell

Young Isla Fisher

Natalie Portman at Twenty-one.

I have Cystic Fibrosis and today I turned 24. Honestly never thought I'd make it this far. Don't plan on stopping soon. via /r/pics

Alexandra Daddario

Kirsten Dunst

Rami Malek as Freddy Mercury in upcoming Queen Biopic via /r/pics

Teddy Roosevelt's diary entry from the day his wife died via /r/pics

Nathalie Emmanuel

Betty Gilpin and that killer body in spandex on GLOW

Emily Ratajkowski Body Paint in Motion

Molly via /r/pics

WWII Paratroopers sitting across from themselves in the same plane that dropped them into Normandy in 1944. via /r/pics

Awesome courage cosplay by elderly couple. via /r/pics

Not all grandmas are created equal via /r/pics

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I'm on detail in Puerto Rico. This is my life now. via /r/pics

Another brother from another mother. via /r/pics

Does anyone else think wendy williams is a bitch?

Lily James

A worker who is longing for his drink break via /r/pics

Alexandra Daddario

Wolf Mural in Northern Manitoba via /r/pics

Elsa Pataky (Thor's wife getting rubbed down)

The wife and daughter of a real American who "knew what he signed up for". via /r/pics

Elizabeth Turner