Saturday, June 24, 2017

Please be careful walking your dog on hot days via /r/pics

Dog taking a nap in Bruges, Belgium. via /r/pics

Alexandra Dadario

I got married in Yosemite, this is a picture of my wife. via /r/pics

Rosario Dawson NSFW

Betty Gilpin Topless

My brother-in-law got to work this morning and saw this little one staring at him. via /r/pics

Coal energy CEO Robert Murray is suing John Oliver for "character assassination" after Oliver called Murray out on his sketchy practices and called him a "geriatric Dr. Evil". Let's assassinate his character further! via /r/pics

Demi Lovato

Selena Gomez's boobs

Gigi Hadid

Roses are red, grass is green via /r/pics

After the Trump administration banned cameras at white house press briefings, CNN had to send a courtroom sketch artist instead via /r/pics

Park carefully, there is extra space for a reason (raising awareness) via /r/pics

Emilia Clarke see through boob [NSFW]

Brenda Song

Best bath suit ever. via /r/pics

Alison Brie nude GLOW album HQ

The only acceptable dog selfie via /r/pics

Help me identify this actor I saw at lunch today! (Emeryville, CA)

Sofia Vergara

Friday, June 23, 2017

Sophie Turner

Emily Blunt

Emma Watson (New) /r/EmmaWatson

I wrote a letter to John Hurt in March 2016 asking for an autograph. Today I received this. via /r/pics

Kendra Wilkinson Would Support Her Daughter in Playboy

Baby Fawn via /r/pics

What a shame the poor groom's bride is a horse via /r/pics

Amber Rose going sexless in 2017, reasons why [nsfw]

Minka Kelly - Braless

Emily Ratajkowski

A Monk and his Elephant via /r/pics

Emma Watson

Melissa Benoist

Alexandra Daddario

Savanna Storm via /r/pics

This ingenious device saves small animals - such as frogs, salamanders, mice or chipmunks - from drowning after they fall in a pool via /r/pics

I told myself when I first started 10 months ago if I could motivate just one person, it would be worth it. From 245 lbs to 168 lbs via /r/pics

That's not a moth, North America, this is a moth! The Australian Hercules Moth. via /r/pics

Caroline Wozniacki (Danish tennis player)

The reflection of this building makes it look as if it's in the sky via /r/pics

I donated my kidney to a stranger in January. He sent me a letter in April. Redacted for his privacy. via /r/pics

[Article] Tig Notaro on Season 2 of 'One Mississippi'

Wrong place, wrong time via /r/pics

[Marvel's Inhumans] Isabelle Cornish

Kaley Cuoco

Alexandra Daddario - Breasts are too Big to Cover with Hands

Alison Brie Topless - GLOW - All Scenes (.gifs)

Alexandra Daddario - GQ Spain album

Alison Brie - G.L.O.W. [NSFW] [Album]