Friday, March 31, 2017

Emma Stone

Emma Roberts

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ via /r/pics

Volcanic eruption seen from space via /r/pics

Kate Upton

Someone left this little guy at the shop i work at.. via /r/pics

Ashley Benson

Wtf is Emma Watson doing dropping books everywhere

The Road That Stopped The Fire via /r/pics

Ana Cheri

Milana Vayntrub makes an entrance

Kim Kardashian reveals she's trying to be able to conceive again

Jessica Biel

Milana Vayntrub

Proud of this photo I took on my phone via /r/pics

SpaceX just landed their re-used Falcon 9 rocket on a ship in the ocean. via /r/pics

An Exciting New Rule Change

To our Esteemed Subscribers:As you may be aware, /r/Pics is the fifth-largest subReddit in existence, with a subscriber count of approximately 16,000,000. We are also the second-largest media-centric community – surpassed only by /r/Funny – meaning that our activity represents a very large portion of the site's data usage. In fact, as of this writing, 29% of Reddit's total bandwidth is used by /r/Pics, with nearly four fifths of all users visiting on a mobile device at least once a week.These numbers are encouraging, but also concerning. At our current rate of growth (which is an average of 16,000 new subscribers per day), /r/Pics will eventually use data that should be allocated to other, smaller subReddits. In an effort to offset this, we have been exploring possible options for mitigating any adverse effects. Several solutions have been presented and considered, and we believe we have found one which will benefit everyone.This infographic offers an in-depth explanation.In short: As of today, /r/Pics will only accept submissions that are 400x300 pixels or smaller.This will result in a very slight drop in quality for desktop users. However, subscribers who access the subReddit via mobile devices will experience a pronounced and immediate decrease in load times, along with an equally fast increase in overall enjoyment. (Once again, this effect has been outlined and quantified by the above infographic.)We are very excited to roll out this new initiative, and we look forward to your positive reaction.Sincerely,The /r/Pics Moderation Team via /r/pics

Alexandra Daddario

Monica Bellucci in her first movie role (1990)

Alexis Ren

This awesome scene via /r/pics

Green Car Parking only. via /r/pics

Blake Lively

Hilary Duff

Elsie Hewitt in an overwhelmed One-Piece Swimsuit

Gal Gadot

What a great dad. via /r/pics

Alexandra Daddario

Eva Green

Emma Stone

Yanet Garcia

Bonsai cherry tree via /r/pics

I'm a single dad and I recently hired a nanny. This is how I'm spending my first free night in a long time. Eating Thai take out in my truck in a Kohl's parking lot. Pandora on, a light rain fall... I'm in heaven. via /r/pics

My little brother just became the most prolific braille reader in school history...he doubled the next best reader. via /r/pics

Halle Berry from Facebook

Alexandra Daddario | GQ Magazine

I want to be famous!!!

Justin Bieber Kissing Mystery Girl In Car (Luciana Chamone) Rio 2017

TIL Scientists lit a hole filled with natural gas on fire in 1971, thinking it would burn for only a few days. The hole has been burning for the past 46 years and is called "The Door to Hell" via /r/pics

Play Dough Time. via /r/pics

Left a note for the surgeons before he enters open heart surgery via /r/pics

Allison Mack

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Brenda Song

Announcing a new change to our title guidelines. | "Titles must directly relate to the event in the picture."

Your /r/pics mod team here! New bot needs some help to perform some..important tasks for a future event via /r/pics

Spotted in Mexico via /r/pics

Kendall Jenner

This is what a US warship looks like unsubmerged... via /r/pics

Jennifer Connelly

Jessica Biel

As we're sharing 'Before and After' Anorexia pics, here's one I just found. via /r/pics