Friday, June 30, 2017

Victoria Justice showing her perfect midriff

Plane crashed onto the 405 freeway in Orange County right in front of me via /r/pics

Jennifer Lawrence

Olivia Munn

Interesting Scully tattoo via /r/pics

My 15 month old son just got over being sick in the hospital and no smiles for days. And this is his reaction after taking his first sip of apple juice. via /r/pics

Carved wooden octopus via /r/pics

This Opal Looks Like A Sunset In The Clouds via /r/pics

A friend of mine having a moment at the Louisville zoo. via /r/pics

Lindsay Lohan pre-coke

Maisie Williams

21 Savage Shows His Love For Amber Rose On Instagram

Street Art - When we go... via /r/pics

Good ol' Briney Spears

Selena Gomez, Sarah Hyland, and Vanessa Hudgens

I normally don't like custom tailgates. However, this is tremendous. via /r/pics

Bronze sculpture gripping this tree since 1968 via /r/pics

Tara Lipinski has some booty

Brexit 1776 via /r/pics

Three twisters in the North Sea. via /r/pics

Cara Delevingne - serious pokies in Glamour photoshoot

Ronda Rousey Uncensored ESPN Photos [NSFW]

Kristen Stewart

Cara Delevingne

Emma Roberts

Lily James

Dakota Fanning

Pregnant Serena Williams Poses Nude for Vanity Fair Cover

Crawling out of the woodwork via /r/pics

Eva Green NSFW

Camera malfunctioned as we motored away from the dock. via /r/pics

Melissa Benoist NSFW

Ana de Armas NSFW

Hilary Duff

Marisa Tomei NSFW

We spray painted a huge cock on a subsea wellhead and no one realised until it was 1220 meters below the seabed. via /r/pics

Thanks UPS - just go ahead and leave my package wherevs I guess via /r/pics

It's hard to believe this place exists via /r/pics

My mom and I as Xena and Gabrielle for Stafest when I was 13. She made her costume. via /r/pics

Emilia Clarke and Jenna Coleman

How I'm returning my Comcast Xfinity. via /r/pics

Ixonia, Wisconsin via /r/pics

Today I became a United States Citizen. I have a message for all of us. via /r/pics

Our dairy veterinarian staying positive despite the situation via /r/pics

Just found out I peaked in 1999. via /r/pics

Karen Gillan looks pretty hot in that tight outfit.

So Pizza Hut sent me this for Canada Day because apparently I've ordered more Canadian Pizzas than anyone else. They also attached a $150 gift card, and brought TONS of food. Thanks guys! via /r/pics